I’m Sola Sacra Salutafera, you can call me Sola or Ata but if you’re trying to quest me, please say or write my name with full name because I have brother who has the same name with me (except the last name) lol and absolutely we’re not twins.

I’m traveler and photographer from Indonesia based in Solo. I almost 21 years old. I do love and start traveling since I was kid with my family. As I grow up I realized that my passion for traveling becomes bigger. It helps me in every aspects of my life. Now, I usually go traveling as backpacker, because I love how simple it is. Also I have my own bucketlist about my dream places to visit (I CAN FINISH IT !) YEAH!

My first camera was analog camera in 2005, since then I upgraded with digital camera, it was my father’s former camera. Then I also use my phone and now I have my first DSLR, hope I can upgrade it soon. Amen.

I started to learn photography like seriously was in 2015, until now I still learn to be better photographer. Not only as travel photographer, I was getting out from my comfort zone to learn by taking portrait photos, and I love it tho.

Well now, I focus to be traveler and photographer because I know how much I really want to do it, when I do this, I fall in love like this is my first time. I’m on the right path that I’ve been searching for. Hope you feel inspired with my story and let us share our experiences.